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In 1979 Boyd Nurseries began with a few hundred 6” Norfolk Island Pines growing in the shade of trees on the property. From that start, Bill and Tracey Boyd gradually added shade houses and expanded the nursery to cover their full 10 acres on Military Trail in Lake Worth, Florida.

Boyd Nurseries became known as the major grower of an extensive line of Sansevieria varieties, shipping them throughout North America, the Caribbean and Europe. Dracaenas became another major crop, from Janet Craig Compactas, to Character Marginatas, Arboreas and more. 

Several varieties of Palms have been added as well as a complementary line of other plant material—all nurtured and carefully tended to with a focus on quality.

For 25 years at the Military Trail location, Bill and Tracey worked to gain a reputation for growing top quality plant material and offering excellent customer service.

In 2004, the Military Trail property was acquired by the school district through eminent domain procedures. The nursery was moved about 20 miles northwest to Loxahatchee FL. The move was quickly followed by 3 hurricanes over the next two years! With favorable weather for the last few years, Boyd Nurseries is back up and running at full speed, with even more quality plant material on 20 acres. A selection of flowering trees has even been added to the mix!